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Thread: where would be your ideal resort?

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    If you could stay anywhere at Christmas where would you stay money not an option because you've just won the lottery as if

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    Well, we've stayed at OKW and it was so nice! I'd want at least a two bedroom villa, and maybe I'd try Wilderness Lodge for the traditional aspect... Then again, if I were at BLT it would be close to the MK...

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    It would be the Grand Floridian for me!

    Just 'cause I wanna!

    Tom (... in a Victorian mood!)

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    Any of them would just love to be there at christmas

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Contemporary would be first on my list. I'd love to sit there on Christmas eve/day watching the castle and feeling that I was THERE for christmas.

    Grand floridian in the main building would be next. An outer building wouldnt do

    Wilderness lodge for the christmas tree and the bell ringing etc.
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    You need top of Bay Lake Towers, Keith.

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