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Thread: If you had to leave out one park, which one?

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    You make a very good point, reading about AK I mean.

    Early on there was a Disney Animal Kingdom Guidebook. We purchased it and have loved AK from the beginning.

    The park is an amazing feat of subtlety. Every single aspect of it is created for a particular purpose, either to invoke the atmosphere of an African village, or to respect the culture of a society other than Western (or American) so on and so forth.

    The incredible work that goes on behind the scenes with the animals is legendary and ground breaking. It was the zoologists of AK who broke the code for elephant language and brought us new understanding of those fantastic animals.

    Their work goes on in with all of the species represented there. The habitats are just that, habitats to replicate with great authenticity, the animal's natural home. The habitats are set up for the animal, not the guest, so that is perceived as a detraction by some. (I can't SEE the monkey)! That sort of thing.

    To be sure, many folks on holiday aren't into all that sort of thing and that is perfectly fine.

    We love AK, it's an "animal EPCOT" to us.

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    Tink, we feel the same. One of my most favourite things in the whole of WDW is to take the train to Rafiki's Planet Watch on a morning to watch the vets working close-up in the glass walled surgery. It is fascinating to see them work on the animals, and there is running commentary from a CM, as well as the ability to ask questions of the medical team afterwards. We have seen animals ranging from a tiny bird that had just been flown in from Japan and was having check up, to a loggerhead turtle that had suffered from the cold in the terrible weather last year and had lost a foot. They were able to heal it and put it back into the wild. Just so special to see, but of course if you didn't read up about it you wouldn't know to go and see it.

    Of course, I know that this sort of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea, but we love it

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    Yes, yes, yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about. Learning about the work behind the "park" so to speak.

    We love our memories of the first family troupe, the little boy and the little girl. So many sweet moments... things have changed now, but we still treasure those glimpses of gorilla life we were able to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deb, post: 262414
    I would probably leave out DHS if pushed - I love AK overall, just the feel of it. DHS - now I adore RRC and TOT - they are two of my absolute fave rides ever, but the look of of the park is getting a bit bland overall. However, I will make sure I never have to choose as I like all of the Disney Parks!

    If I only had time for three out of four, I'd get a park hopper and split time between DHS and AK of you wanted to get a flavour and do the "must sees".
    I was going to say almost exactly the same as Deb!

    I can't imagine leaving any of the disney parks out as that is the reason I go in the first place but at a push we spend the least amount of time at DHS so I would probably combine that with AK if I had to and just do the 'must see's'.


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