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    We are talking our 2 children (8 and 3) to DLP 2 weeks today!!!

    This is a treat for us all, as our little one is bonkers about Mickey Mouse and we think he'll be on the surgical list for open heart surgery (1st our 4 lots) by the end of next month. We wanted to make sure he got there before the big op!!!

    We are staying at the Santa Fe - have read some reviews - some good some not - bottom line is we have gone for what we can afford and as long as its clean then we're happy!

    If anyone has any tips at all that would be useful then I would really appreciate it - we're excited but also a bit overwhelmed !!

    Thanks x

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    Hi and welcome to Secrets

    Can't help on the DLP question as I have not been there but I just wanted to say hello and wish your son a magical time with Mikcey and send lots of positive thougths for your brave little man during his surgery


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    Hi and welcome to secrets!!
    We stayed at the Newport bay in April and when we went past the santa fe it was having some building work done. I would imagine it would be finished by now but it can only mean improvements have been made.
    All I can say about the reviews is take them with a pinch of salt especially if it's bad things about the rooms - apart from sleeping and getting ready for the parks how much time will you actually spend in them.
    Hope your kids have a fantastic time, I'm 100% sure they will love it especially your youngest. Keep an eye out in the hotel reception for details of character meet n greets in the lobby in the mornings, you may even get to see MICKEY

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    Hi and welcome

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Hi and thank you all - we are all soooo excited to be going!!! x

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    welcome x

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