50's Prime Time Cafe is my choice.

At 50's basically you are eating in "Mom's" kitchen. Old fashion black and white TVs show bits and pieces of old TV shows like I love Lucy, My Three Sons etc. The staff and servers rollplay that they are related to you.

One visit we were with friends and we finished dinner Our server looked at my friends plate and said "Honey you can't have dessert until you finish all your potatoes." So he replied that he was done. She continues " Now you have to listen to your Aunty Sue" She pickes up a fork full of potates and says " Here's the plane and we're going to park the plane in your hanger now open wide." So she moves her hand with the fork while making plane sounds and my buddy opens his mouth and she parks the mashed potatoes.

I started laughing and she looks at me and scolds me for laughing at my little brother. She grabs me by my ear lobe and I play along as she makes me stand up and go stand in the corner. The other patrons were laughing and taking pictures

The foods okay but it is a fun place. Smores are fantastic!