Finally got to visit Tepan Edo tonight and I was SO disappointed with it I told them I was a vegetarian but the chef cooked my vegetables with the same utensils as all the meat stuff.. there was actually a bit of meat on my vegetables when they were passed to me. I didn't want to interrupt the chef and spoil everyone's enjoyment so I went and quietly found a server.. a manager stopped me and asked me what was wrong.

They replaced my veggies with ones cooked in the kitchen and gave me some extra noodles. This place is fairly expensive ($18 for what was basically noodles, some brocolli and carrots, with a side of white rice- quick service food standard if you ask me.) and to be honest, we had decided the cooking/eating experience would be worth the price, for my food to get cooked in the kitchen out back and then brought to me when everyone else at our station had already finished eating just wasn't the experience I wanted.

When the bill came I told the manager I was more than willing to pay for my meal, but the price didn't reflect the service or experience I had received and that after looking forward to it for so long, it was a real anti-climax. I explained to her that when you're on vacation, $18 on a meal might not seem very much, but I am on a budget over here and had booked this meal for a week and a half ago, I would hate to think how disappointed I'd have been if I'd have made ADRs! They gave me 20% off the food which just seemed insulting- all I wanted was a sincere apology and I didn't receive it, they made it seem as though I wanted something for nothing!

Not at all happy with that place and I won't be going back again. It was NOT Disney style customer service! I even went to guest relations to let them know as I was so peeved.