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Thread: Can Disney Cast Members accept tips?

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    So if someone is really nice to us say in a Disney park or resort, can we tip them or is that really bad and offensive or disallowed?

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    The only CMs that technically allowed to accept tips are the servers and bartenders. Many of us tip housekeeping however. Regular cast members are not allowed to accept them.

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    Nope, nope, nope! Do not try to tip a CM. You'll only embarrass her/him.

    If you are so very pleased with a particular CM go to guest services and "report your satisfaction" be sure to get the name of the CM. That really matters!!!

    Housekeepers are not supposed to accept tips, either.

    Servers and bartenders are the only authorized Disney workers to accept tips. The valet parkers (who can accept tips) are no longer Disney employees.

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