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I am traveling to the parks in September and was wondering if it would be worth it for 2 grownups to splurge on the MNSSHP or should we just watch the fireworks from the beach at Polynesian? I don't care about candy and we will be doing extra magic hours for MK 2 days before.
hmmm tough call that.

Normally I'd say splurge! we're 2 grownups with no sticky kids to worry about and we love the halloween party. The atmosphere is great and the candy grabbing well, it's a bit of fun ( we got quite competitive as to who got the most candy... dw was winning until we exited the park and a cast member liked my halloween outfit and emptied a huge bag of candy into mine )

BUT is it *worth* the money. Well. it's expensive I guess, the halloween parade is awesome, the candy is nice, the atmosphere all makes it worth it for me but with you doing EMHs the other nights you may be on MK overload!