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Thread: moisturiser for the plane?

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    Does anyone take any moisturiser on the plane is it allowed nowadays?

    Is there anyone who perhaps makes a kit for the plane with all the essentials in?

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    I usually take some and then forget to use it. I don't take a kit as such, but in my clear security plastic bag I do usually have some hand cream, lip salve, lipstick and moisturiser. Each under the size limit of course.

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    i did take a small tube of face cream which you have to put in a clear bag. we all found this useful because i also took face wipes to freshen up [you always feel so grimey] and the wipes do make your face feel like you have had a face lift:tongue: if you fly with virgin you do get a small kit container tooth brush and toothpaste and a pen and socks., im not sure about other airlines though:smile:

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    At the moment E.Arden (at Boots) have a multipack of the 8-hour cream range which will gives travel sized tubes. Excellent for those long-haul flights.

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