Spent the day at Hollywood Studios. Found everybody there. The park was pretty full. However our Guest pass for my son's leg left us waiting on no ride...thanks Disney. Toystory Mania broke down on us and we had to walk out, but we came back and scored a 138,000 (high for the day was 438,000, i don't see how). Rode Tower of Terror about 4 times as well as Rockin Roller Coaster (the Captain's favorite). After me first mate mouthed off to a cm in TOT about housekeeping, they scared his pants off after the TV show in the library; that was classic. Ate at 50's Primetime. I liked it right well and better than Garden Grill. Dining plan again the fried chicken was very good. in true southern style. Oh and keep your elbows off the table per Momma. Had plenty of food and had to "rest" on the backlot tour before we jumped back on TOT.