Trying to get out the door now to get to breakfast at Tusker House. Yesterday we went back to MK and then ate at 1900 Parkfare, food was good but not super impresssed. It was very hot this morning and then the rain came. not for long but whoo-boy did it rain. We stood under the backage check roof for about 5 minutes to let the rain quit. It quit and then was nice and hot. I asked the security gaurd if she found anything strange in the bags today...she said no but did find a snake the other day, WHO BRINGS A SNAKE TO DISNEY?!?!?!?. That reminded me of our last trip when one gaurd told me that he found a chicken. A CHICKEN?!?!?! Talk to these guys you can get some funny stories. Park was very very busy, i think no teenager is left in Brazil or Puerto Rico, 'because they are ALL HERE wearing the same shirts.