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Thread: captain's log day 6 - suggestions plz

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    RAIN was the word of the day for yesterday. After a WONDERFUL breakfast at Tusker House (yes better than Boma IMO), we figured out it was magic hours in AK (tons of people were there); so we decided to get out and go back to Epcot. The kids did a Kim Possible mission thru China. That's when the rains came...I mean rain forest rains...Noah-type rain. We toughed it out in the Land with all their inside rides. The rains cleared and we stopped for supper at Yakatori House. It was good...tho i love Japan. We got 3 days left...eating Scifi dinner Theater for lunch today, yak and Yeti tommorrow and Via Napoli Sat. We should spend our last day at Holloywood Studios today and may go back to MK, then all day at AK tomorrow since we left it. Saturday i need suggestions from the Disneysecrets crew. What is your fav rides/parks?
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    Did na notice from 'yer trip reports Cap'n but have 'ye been to good ole Typhoon Lagoon yet?

    It's a must do for us on all our trips.
    If for no other reason than to float around in Castaway Creek and cool off!

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    My favorite park is Epcot and it's been that way since I first went in 1983. Even as a kid I loved the countries. It's just a great park to stroll around and take your time. I think it's a great park for a last day where you don't have to rush around and just take everything in before you leave, especially when you don't know when you're coming back or if it's going to be awhile.

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    I love Epcot and can spend loads of time there enjoying all there is to see. I love taking my time thru the shops and then just taking a break to look across the water. But then again, MK has it's perks. My favorite ride is HM and I could spend hours on it. It doesn't matter how I feel or what's going on, because once I step off of BTM I have the biggest grin. And nothing beats walking down mainstreet and enjoying all the smells.

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    disney quest is good if it rains that bad again. we love expedition everest at ak and the mountains at mk and soarin at epcot

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    Phooey. I just saw this. I hope you are having a great day! The weather is brutally hot, and sometimes cloudy, so I hope the rain holds off for you.

    Enjoy the last few days of your vacation!

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