RAIN was the word of the day for yesterday. After a WONDERFUL breakfast at Tusker House (yes better than Boma IMO), we figured out it was magic hours in AK (tons of people were there); so we decided to get out and go back to Epcot. The kids did a Kim Possible mission thru China. That's when the rains came...I mean rain forest rains...Noah-type rain. We toughed it out in the Land with all their inside rides. The rains cleared and we stopped for supper at Yakatori House. It was good...tho i love Japan. We got 3 days left...eating Scifi dinner Theater for lunch today, yak and Yeti tommorrow and Via Napoli Sat. We should spend our last day at Holloywood Studios today and may go back to MK, then all day at AK tomorrow since we left it. Saturday i need suggestions from the Disneysecrets crew. What is your fav rides/parks?