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Thread: What are your "Must DO" things outside WDW

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    Following on from my thread about different things to do in WDW, I'm now wondering what your must Di's are outside of the parks, whether it's close or further away.

    We seem to be spending less time at WDW as the years go on and have ventured further away each year.

    We've been to the usual Seaworld, Bush Kennedy attractions. Last year we went to Winter Park for the first time and will be going back this year - even if it's just for Penney's Spices and the chocolate shop

    We've driven down to Clearwater and Sarasota and are flying into Miami this year so we might spend a few days down there. We're not sure yet it depends on finances :rolleyes008:

    Sandra (arkvilla) has recommended Hontoon Island where we can hire a boat and take a trip down to Blue Springs State Park, so we might give that a go.

    So what are your must do things away from the parks

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    my uncle recommended the rivership romance well worth a few hours, and looks really nice from his photos too

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