Well you guesed it...rain. We made it to sci-fi dine in for lunch and then the rains came and came and came. So we pulled anchor thinking we would go swim (they closed the waterparks)...pool closed. I guess they follow suit with the waterparks and close fo lightning. We toured AKL for awhile talking to the safari guides was cool. Then the pool opened back up. By this time it was supper time so we wanted to try to get to Tortuga Tavern in MK. Getting pretty tired of mouse burgers by now. Well IT CLOSES AT 3:00. So we swing around to Pecos Bills. it was good. By now they were setting up ropes for the electric parade...wife's favorite. So we found a good spot and sat it out. Seemed like a wasted day till i realized, I'M NOT AT WORK. I have learned that to pack good ponchos (not the $9.00 Disney ponchos) and a good short umbrella.