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Thread: Hints and tips for high scores on buzz lightyear

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    Help! how come some people get 999,999 on buzz lightyear and Im stuck every time at 23,500 or something like that?

    There must be a special way to get a high score does anyong know any hints?

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    I've only every hit the 999,999 once and I wasn't even out of the first room. There are a couple of key targets that get you plenty of points, but I don't know them all. I do know in the first room on the back of Zorg's left hand in the center, if you can hit that then you will almost instantaneously hit the 999,999 mark. However it is tough to hit.

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    Sorry, I can't help - I've never ever been on there

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    you know (he says with a hint of swagger) you either have it or you don't. I do feel pity for those who struggle unlike my good self who gets 999,999 everytime

    Or more realistically. I TOTALLY know what you mean! I mean what the heck!

    I tend to try and go for every target on a certain item. So if there's a box with a target on each corner, hitting each one, close to the centre as possible, can bring rewards.

    Far away targets sometimes give huge bonuses

    The one I never get ANY points on is that room with the spaceships projected onto the screen. No idea what the hecks going on with that
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    Unsure. Usually I'm trying to shoot the person in the cart in front of me. LOL!!!!

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    Oh I am so very hopeless at this! I just essentially hang on for dear life and try to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be shooting at. (SOOOOO not a game type person).

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    Keep your trigger down all the time as you do get 100 points per 8 or so 'shots'. Doesn't help the experts of course but makes a huge difference to me!!!

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