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Thread: vegetarian at Disney?

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    I know this has been asked before but Im not sure of the true answer yet

    a friend of mine is taking her vegetarian family to disneyworld. Whats the situation?

    are there good veggy options at all the restaurants? should they call ahead?

    They wont be happy if the vegetables are handled by people who've handled meet and theyre quite no-nonsense about it

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    Assuming they have made ADRs then they could have notated the fact that they were vegetarians. However, even if they have not notated it, when they go into the sit down restaurants they should immediately notify their server that they are vegetarians and of their dietary restrictions. Disney are extremely good in watching out for cross contamination of their food. Almost every TS restaurant has at least one vegetarian item on the menu and I feel relatively certain that their chefs could fix up something special for you after they come out and talk to you.

    No as for CS places, I know there are vegetarian options but I'm not sure if you can guarantee that they have not been cross contaminated.

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