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Thread: mannys steak house?

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    a lot of people recommending this but saying its very busy

    so, is this a high end place? or a medium place? I mean can we have a relaxed evening meal there or what?

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    It's definately not a high end place - it's choccablock full of locals and tourists who love the great food and laid back atmosphere.

    Take a look at their website it will give you an indication of what to expect. I have photo's of us dining there and am happy to send them to you, just PM if you want to see them.

    You can call ahead to say you are on your way and they will add your name to the waiting list.

    Happy hour is always very busy and Mon and Tues children eat free so again it's busy

    The endless salad bowl and warm cinamon rolls are free while you wait for your food and they in themsel;ves are worth a vist (imho)


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