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Thread: best luggage to buy?

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    We want to buy some new luggage and this will be a good chance to buy smaller cases - the large cases we have were really good for the 32kg days gone by but they're a pain for the 23kg because I keep overfilling them

    I'm really looking for light luggage with good wheels so any advice of some good ranges would be great to hear about.

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    I really like the Tumi line. It's pricey but wears like iron, and comes with an impressive warranty.

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    Ooops, meant to add that I also use a Delsey rolling garment bag. It's the same general quality as a Tumi, but I was lucky enough to find it on sale, so went with that brand instead of the Tumi garment bag.

    The Tumi I have is an odd brownish color. Defies dirt and always looks nice. The Delsey is a silver and looks horrible from scuffs in the luggage hold.

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    I highly recommend Samsonite.
    Their warranty is second to non. A couple of years ago they sent me replacement wheels for one of my suitcases that had been broken f.o.c., despite the case being several years old.

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    I have one from matalan, can't remember the brand but it is one of their 'ultralight' ones and is ridiculously light. I've filled it and still been under the 23kg limit
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