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Thread: whats the nicest Disney resort?

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    Whats the nicest Disney resort you've ever stayed at or just visited?

    I know everyone will have different ideas but I don't know all the different resorts and really interested in hearing more about them

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    For me it has to be the GF.
    We have stayed there oodles of times and it sure takes some beating...pity about the room rates though!

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    I guess I would have to say that the GF is the nicest, especially given the room we got for the price we paid. But we really like AKL better.

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    It's hard to pick, there are so many that are really special at all levels as well! For value I would say Pop (for now, will have to see what the new one is like) for moderate,asthetically Coronado Springs, and my favorite deluxe is the Polynesian. All told there really isn't any that I would refuse to stay at. CB is one that I probably wouldn't pick though

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    Grand Floridian for us it is just disney in a nutshell for us

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    I can only comment on resorts that I have stayed at:

    Wilderness Lodge
    Old Key West
    Saratoga Springs
    Boardwalk Villas
    Port Orleans Riverside

    Poly has the nicest ambiance
    Old Key West has the nicest rooms
    Boardwalk Villas has the nicest location

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    I have only stayed at CORONADO SPRINGS AND PORT ORLEANS RIVERSIDE both are great but prefer POR. Was impressed with the POLYNESIAN when I visited

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    It truly depends on how long you are staying and even who you have with you.

    We love OKW for DVC. However, Kidani Village is wonderful, too! Nothing beats BLT for that first weekend in June.

    Our all time favorite resort (not the DVC part) is The Beach Club. Simply, we just love it there.

    Value? We love the All Stars, sports and music to be specific. Pop was nice, but we prefer the food courts of the All Stars.

    Really enjoyed WLV too! Not a fan at all of the Boardwalk. (It's the clown). Didn't much care for the Poly either.

    So, you see? As you said, to each a different one. That's the beauty of Disney!

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    I'm a Value expert.

    POP! is by far my fave as far as the room cleanliness and comfort but, I think I like Sports cafeteria best and Movies grounds best (shout-out to HERBIE!!!) Music is a last resort option for me (but it isn't bad by any means either!).

    I really enjoyed POR the 2 times I stayed there. Magnolia House. Beautiful grounds. Comfortable, quiet room. The grounds were really quiet also, for what I can remember. Even with a bunch of cheerleaders staying there, it was really peaceful.

    The next moderate I would like to stay at is Coronado. It looks beautiful. My ma stayed there directly after it opened. She loved it.

    I am dying to stay in a deluxe! To be honest, I've always wanted to stay at the Swan or Dolphin. Grand Floridian would be my next choice. Boardwalk looks fun, too!

    Oddly enough, I also want to stay in one of the Wilderness Cabins. I've been thinking about getting one for my b-day and inviting a bunch of my friends. We would have such a hoot!

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