Sorry not been about much . Life as always has got in the way and rankly I am astonished that it's July already! Seems like it wasn't that long ago we had snow.

Becoming increasingly obsessed with photography so thought I'd share a few snaps.

We are all well and the boys are growing at an alarming rate - absolutely no hope of a Florida trip at any point I'm afraid :(

My obsession with the macro stuff is growing - especially as I am learning so much about all thge beasties that visit the garden, genuinely had no idea.

O ring is a cheap plastic ( very cheap - think chocolate box quality plastic) 30 diffuser that nestles around your falsggun and reflects the light in a circle around the lens to give a cheap alternative to a proper macro ring flash.

Well it sort of works - I have anxieties that it wont hold out for long, and even greater anxieties that it will amke me want the real thing.

A few from the weekend -looks better n the original and large good eye detail

Ladybirdframe by Sidleydoc, on Flickr

Climbing by Sidleydoc, on Flickr

The eyes and head on this one were really clear on the original - unfortunately shrinking has lost a lot of detail

Nom by Sidleydoc, on Flickr

Flies eyes by Sidleydoc, on Flickr