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Thread: gaylord palms Ice show?

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    Has anyone done the gaylord palms ice show in orlando? They say they also have a snow show now too whatever that is?

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    Well, snow is that white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky when the temperatures drop below freezing.

    Nope, not done either. Members here have though, so I'm sure one or more will come along soon and share their experiences.

    I've only read reviews about the ice show, and those were mixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 257916
    Well, snow is that white fluffy stuff that falls from the sky when the temperatures drop below freezing.
    Sorry I haven't done either but had to LOL LOL at that

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    We went to ICE a couple of years back. I'm afraid it got the thumbs down from us.
    Even though we had a ticket and a specific time to go, we were kept in a line for nearly an hour before seeing the sculpyures.
    A lot smaller than expected and although the sculptures were supposed to be made from 'one block of ice' you could see the joins on some models.

    Very unimpressed.

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    Not been to the snow one but we've tried the ICE show.

    On the one hand, the staff involved in queuing up were rude and silly. Just not customer focused at all once in there, I found the sculptures very impressive indeed and the lighting was great. I really enjoyed it BUT it didn't go on for long there just aren't that many rooms there for the money.

    I think they need an ice bar or something there

    So yeah, ok to see once but probably not really worth the money in the final analysis.
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    So, it's generally a thumbs down for this then? I think there may well be better things to spend $46 on (2 adults). That's a shame, as it was something I had on the list of things to do in December. But, I'd rather find out now rather than be disppointed there!

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