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Thread: would you ever go with family/best friends?

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    This is a weird issue to have but we've talked so much about disney that we've got family and friends saying they would like to come and hire a villa.

    I'm totally not sure I want to

    some of it is how well will we get on with people for two weeks and I guess the other part of it is we like to do our own thing you know?

    Have you ever gone with someone else and how did it work out?

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    We've had it work both ways. Most recently was a total disaster!!

    Words of advice if you do decide to go as a group......make sure you still have time to yourself and make sure you still get to do what you want to do. With multiple people everyone is not going to want to do the same things. Make sure you split up and meet for meals or for a hour or two here and there.

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    I agree with DisneyFreak on this.
    We have also been with friends who stayed with us at our villa and for the majority of the time it was nice to have some company with us.
    It sometimes can get a bit difficult to satisfy everyone`s wishes regarding where to go etc. [obviously a lot depends on how well you know one another], but if you have any doubts then it may be worth considering the renting of multiple vehicles so that each group could do "there own thing" if they/you wished.

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    ive never ever been with just my family ive always been with another family, and its worked out just perfect, never ever any rows or words at all. just perfect

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    We couldn't spend our whole holiday with family/friends even in the villa, it's our 1 time when we are all together to relax and if you have to take other people into consideration you can't always do what you want.

    This year the first 5 days of our holiday are with our best friends who are going to the villa for 3 weeks - their last 5 days are our first 5 days so it will work out perfectly.

    If you do it I would suggest 2 cars so you can all do what you want seperately and then do the things you want to do together as well.


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    We have been on several holidays with my parents and found it very easy going. Any silences never feel awkward etc and we are all fairly easy going and up for exploring. Been with my parents plus my bro and his family and that gets a bit stressed sometimes.
    We are going WDW next year with my parents and my bro and his family but we are only all together for one week, plus we have two cars so can do our own thing if we need to.
    If we were to go away with friends I think I would have to have our own villa so that we have time apart.

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    I think the most important thing is to have 2 cars

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    i have been on holiday with family before and i personally find it difficult to please everyone. our trip to florida last year was just the 4 of us and it was perfect. eveeryone is different. but i agree with the others if you are going as a group, seperate cars is a must not one big people carrier and talk about what everyone wants to do and agree before hand who wants to go where.

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    We do it often, for Disney and other vacations.

    It's critical (for me anyway) to have clear expectations and understandings. I'm a planner. I vary from detailed plans to a simple "this is where we are going today." Details depend upon where we are and if we've been before and if we intend to return (soon).

    Some of our family do not plan at all. That stressed me to the point of not enjoying the holiday, so I learned to have my own plans.

    I don't do "touristy things" when I'm visiting certain types of places. Ireland, for example. Yes, I went to Trinity to see the Book of Kells, but NO I didn't do the Blarney Stone stuff. Most of the family did and thought I was a total freak for preferring to spend my time that day wandering in the village, checking out the grocery shops, ect. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and trust me on this those who did the Blarney stuff enjoyed it much more than they would have if I'd been "forced" to do that sort of thing.

    So, all that to say, have very, very clear communication on what your expectations are. Who is paying for what, what sort of transport (as mentioned) what sort of accommodation, rough idea of plans (doing all the parks, just Disney, ect...) and definitive statements of private time if that is important to you.

    In comparison to other family laden holidays, Disney is one of the easier ones as it lends itself well to "see you at dinner" and going your own way.

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    We've always gone with family and had a wonderful time. We go with the clear understanding that we dont all have to stick together and do the same things, if some of us want to do one thing and the others dont well thats just fine - we arent joined at the hip! you arent going to please everyone all of the time, and at the end of the day everyone is paying alot of money to do a holiday like Florida so everyone is entitled to be happy!
    We dont plan well in advance, usually the night before - one of us will be crystal clear on where we want to go, if others want to join us thats great, if they dont well thats just great too!

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