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Thread: Is Busch Gardens enough for a whole day??

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    We'd either drive or get the shuttle I guess but is there enough there to keep us occupied for the whole day? or is it just another animal kingdom?

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    More than enough for 1 day, I would take 2 to do it properly


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    We always do 2 days at Busch. It's just about our fave park alongside Magic Kingdom.

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    1 day is good - 2 is better!

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    it has been a long time...many years...but i was staying with 2 nieces at a Downtown Disney resort and they had a shuttle trip to Busch Gardens... i wasnt happy...was quite expensive, the bus stopped at several hotels for pick ups on the way..left our hotel (1st stop) around 7am and didnt get there until almost 11am...(not a long drive just a lot of stops) so by the time we got from the bus, got our tickets and got into the park it was 11am the kids did 1 or 2 rides then were ready for lunch. by the time we ate, saw a few things it was 5pm and time to go back to the bus. not enough time for us. i suggest driving if you can.

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    I will be brave and be the lone dissenter in the group. I am absolutely not a fan of BG. We saw more pathological behavior in animals there than we've seen anywhere in decades. Rocking elephants, pacing hyenas, tigers nearly drowning for their food, skinny rib showing tigers, over crowded 'gator pens. I was disgusted. So much so that I wrote to the authorities, and they replied (albeit quite some time later) that they had looked into things and "changes were being made." I didn't go back to see.

    There are a number of "rides" there, and some places to eat. I don't remember what we ate...

    So, if you miss it, I would say that's a good thing. But I am in a small minority. Most people enjoy their time there fully.

    Do drive though. And hope you don't get caught in an I4 accident. You can be parked on I4 for hours in that case.

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    You aren't alone Tink, we don't like Busch either. We have been twice and thought maybe after the first time we should give it another shot.

    We aren't people that ride coasters so we didn't bother with them, we did a couple of the behind the scenes tours which were ok, they got you up close with the animals, but I actually got upset when I saw the elephants for the same reason Tink said we made our way back to the car after that. Needless to say we won't be wasting our money again on Busch.

    We drove, left early and then was back some time in the afternoon.

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    I like Busch Gardens but, having said that, there are SOOOO many roller coasters and Donna doesn't do them so it is mostly a waste of time for us to go just to have her stand around while I am riding.

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    It really does take two days to do it all. We have been three times, each time by shuttle. Every time we have found we can't fit into the day everything we want to, especially given the time limitations of when we get there and leave.


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    Again I am not a big fan of BG but I don't know why, I know that is a strange thing to say but I just cant put my finger on it.
    It just has a strange atmosphere around the place, I guess because it is SO spread out there just never seems to be many people there. Yes that would usually be a good thing but tbh it just left me feeling odd here.
    Now I am a coaster junkie and I rode all of them here, they are definitely a couple of good ones but I would not do it again. We had actually planned to do it a second time on our last trip once the kids had gone home with my parents (we had a 3 week trip for our wedding but my parents took the kids home after 2 so we couple have a weeks honeymoon) because we were going to do some of the evening safaris, needless to say we didn't bother.

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