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Thread: Intro. to the Pink Bar on the "Dream"

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    This bar is located in the aft section of the ship on Deck 4 in the adult area called the "District".
    The bar predominantly sells champagne, although you can get pretty much any other type of drink there, even the speciality drinks from the adjacent bar [Skyline] as we put to the test one evening!
    The theming is designed to make you feel as though you were actually inside a champagne bottle, and the chandeliers are in the style of champagne flutes.

    An amazing feature that the Disney Imagineers kept a secret until the very last minute is that if you view the bar through a point and shoot digital camera, you can actually see champagne bubbles rising when viewing the camera screen!
    These cannot be seen by the naked eye [or through my digital slr] and they cannot be photographed...but they are definately there! [You can see them even before you have imbibed! ]

    Entrance to Pink Bar


    Bar Area


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