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    Hey, I'm planning my first holiday to Florida for next year. We won't be staying in Disney hotels sadly, but I've been looking at the different restaurants and would like to go to some. Are they only for people staying at the disney hotels or can anyone go there?

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    Anyone can dine anywhere on WDW property whether or not they are staying there.
    It is essential to make reservations [ADR`s] though as walk ins are seldom successful nowadays sadly.

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    We never stay at Disney, but we have eaten at some of the restaurants, as Slowhand said though, you will need to make reservations

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    Disney welcomes you to visit any resort and make use of anything there with the exception of the pools. Only registered guests are allowed in the pools.

    Take a browse around the various hotels. You'll be amazed at the variety of options throughout WDW.

    You can dine at the full service restaurants or have a drink at the bars, or have a snack at the food courts (or full meal). You are welcome to use the shops, too.

    One of the things that some visitors enjoy doing is taking a day to tour the many resorts of WDW. It's a fun "free" thing to do.

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    Brilliant, I've been looking at some places and they look really nice

    I can't wait to see their faces if I can get something with Pooh!

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