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    I didn't want to derail Shelly's thread. So I wondered if anybody had a limo service recommendation. I really want a limo. Just for a single trip. Will get normal taxi back. It's for a special day and I really want to start with a big WOW.

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    I believe quicksilver have a good reputation

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    Quicksilver likes to overcharge non-US visitors.

    Tiffany Towncar used to have a good reputation, but they've changed hands.

    We used Sir Randolph and had no problems, but have since heard that the good service we experienced was not the case with others.

    Mears would be a safe bet as they are so large, they are almost forced to be good (if that makes any sense).

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    Sad to hear about Quicksilver and Tiffany. I've used both in the past.

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    yeah I wont support quicksilver with their policies.

    tiffany I've used for YEARS and even after the buyout were good BUT last time the car was a bit tatty now I dont think they own their own limos rather they hire them so it may be a different ball game but still.

    Mears would be a safe bet IMHO and people have been happy with happy limo
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