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Thread: best villa location?

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    I know everyone likes different locations but theres so much choice. Does anyone who has stayed at a couple of different places have any reocmmendations for a place not too far away from disney

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    a lot of people prefer the the 192/old lake wilson area as you have the new road and sherbeth road shortcut....but i dont mind where i stay, ive stayed at

    sunridge woods twice....very nice location, champions gate, I4 close by, its at the opposite end of old lake wilson on ronald reagan parkway

    esprit.....the first villa community south on the 27 at the end of the 192 west
    calabay parc.....bit of a drive but wonderful villas still doesnt take long to get there
    and this trip we are staying at Sunset Ridge 20mins drive from the main gate im told, even tho it looks a long drive

    Sunridge Woods Villa Oct 2000 & 2002
    Esprit/Calabay Parc Oct 2004
    Sunset Ridge Oct 2008

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    If you are just doing Disney and not one to explore then 192 should be fine for you, but if you like to venture and see what else is about like Bush Gardens, Cypress Gardens or the Gulf coast beaches then the US27 is more central.

    Where Mick is staying it is one the US27 and I4 junction so you have easy access to any direction you want..

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