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    Hi everyone, I am heading off to Disney in December with my 6 month old and was wondering if anyone had any travel tips

    I found this great website early on in my search, but was wondering if anyone else had any tips from personal experience to offer!

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    Are you driving or flying? How long of a travel time will it be?

    6 months? Will the baby be bottle or breast fed?

    New toys, and other new items to amuse the baby...

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    Sorry, wasn't clear enough :tongue:

    I'm flying to Orlando, FL with my hubby and DD who will be 6 months old when we leave Hopefully at 6 months we will be starting to supplement in bottles as well as breast feeding!

    Yeah, hopefully she will be more interested in toys by the time we head off ...

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    at 6 months your daughter will be grasping thing and putting them in her mouth, amke sure you have plenty of such items , forget anything too big, she wont be that interested. plenty of drink if she is taking from a bottle or beaker by this time then that will be great as that will help pacify her, you know how sore our throat and ears get and we know what to do to help ourselves. so definately plenty of juice. if she will only take from your breast still then dont worry as she will always get comfort from that. hopefully she will sleep some of the way you will get a nice big area with a sky bed, but make sure you book that with your travel agen to confirm you have that happy days

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