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Thread: Shows on international drive?

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    We hardly did anything on i-drive last time we went but I wonder whats there

    so far I know of titanic, ripleys and the upside down building

    anything else good to see there?

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    Well, off the top of my head apart from Ripleys, Titanic, and Wonderworks there is

    Pirates Dinner Show
    Treasure tavern Dinner Show
    Funspot....rides and go-karts
    Indoor skydiving tunnel
    Helicopter rides
    Ten Pin Bowling (get to it from I.Drive)
    Wonderworks also has a dinner show
    The Ice Bar
    Howl at the Moon

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    Issy, you need to move here and do tours. I swear! I LIVE here and don't know as much about the I-Drive area as do you!

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