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Thread: Cars 2

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    In the words of Mater, what did y'all think?

    I think we all felt that the first one was better sadly, Dan even said he preferred Tangled.

    Mater was my favourite, as for Michael Caine ( is that how u spell it?) how do you make an animated car look like somebody?......clever.

    I don't regret going to see it it just didn't knock my socks off like other movies have recently.

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    I agree. It was a little predictable.

    Cute. Not bad. But certainly not up to the standard of the first one.

    Tom (... Mater fan...)

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    We really enjoyed it in 3D. It was nice to see Mater get top billing.

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    No spoilers please.

    Me and Steven are seeing it on Thursday. I'm saving up for the popcorn.

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