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Thread: Dolphin calf born at Seaworld Orlando

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    Seaworld is very well known for their conservation efforts. You can see various sea life through out the park and learn about them, or even get up close and feed some of them (particularly the Sting Rays). One of the things Seaworld is well known for is their breeding program. Not only do they breed Killer Whales, but they also breed other animals in the park, including Dolphins.


    Earlier this week, a Dolphin calf was born at Seaworld Orlando. The calf weighs 35 pounds and is 40 inches long, but the sex is currently unknown. Guests can see the newborn calf in the Dolphin Nursery with itís mother and other Dolphins that inhabit the Nursery. Other Dolphins in the nursery include pregnant dolphins, new mothers and their calfs, and experienced mothers.

    The calf was seen bonding with itís mom, which is a good indication the calf is doing well.

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