Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone else has had a bad time with Delta Airways? We will be thinking about flights again to Disney and Delta as normal come in cheaper than most. We have vowed to never fly with them again but I was wondering if our exerience was a one off.

When we flew with them last year things were ok from Gatwick to Charlotte but from there on it all went down hill. Whilst waiting to board our flight from Charlotte to Orlando we noticed that all our party was split up, even the children. Whilst as adults it was fine but they were expecting my 4 year old and 8 year old to sit at different ends of the plane away from any of us. When we questioned the desk they just shrugged their shoulders and told us to take it up with the air crew. After making sure we were first on, we very nicely asked (I don't do stroppy very well) if we could at least have an adult seated with each child. Whilst I don't do stroppy the air crew obviously do they basically told us to sit down, shut up and we would sort it out later. At that point I stood my ground until it was sorted. In the end they put the children with an adult but left it for us to explain to the other customers why they had to move. It turns out this was normal practise for all the passengers and we were the first of many families to throw a wobbly.

On the return flight after dealing with a VERY rude checking in agent, we were all seated together from Orlando to Charlotte. However we had been seated with children on the emergency exits and the air crew had a go at us, nothing to do with us, we didn't ask for those seats. When we got to Charlotte once again we were all split up on the trip back to Gatwick. This time we had to get in a long queue to complain there many families in the same situation. We did manage to get the adults seated with the children but that was only because some kind brits offered to move for us. Apart from the tv not working (not really a big deal for us we had plenty of other things to do), my father and brother missed out on a meal as they ran out and when they went to buy some sweets from the duty free to eat as they were hungry there were none to be found.

I promise you this did all happen, we are not know to complain and make a fuss but I was not happy for a 4, 9 and 11 year old to fly all the way home sat on their own. Am I asking for too much?