Hi Laura


Planning is key. We were in Disney October last year and we used touringplans.com , it was very helpful getting the best out of the parks and getting organised. To be honest the parks weren't that busy some days so we managed to get a lot in without rushing around, especially when MK is open so late on different days. (Check the halloween decorations they are lovely).

When it comes to eating you will find plenty of restuarants along I Drive at different prices to fit your budget. It's worth checking the threads on restuarants here, but we also read a lot of various guide books and info on the web. You will be able to pick up lots of money off vouchers whilst you are there on tourist maps, etc, they will help save you a bit of money.

The best thing is don't panic just enjoy, read as much as you can before you go and ask any of these guys. They really are great and no question is too daft. It helped us being a member here when we went on our first trip.