Another minnie trippie which isn't very long or well put together - just typing a few words as they come into my head.....

This morning we went to Universal Studios. As soon as we put our fingers on the scanners at the turnstyles, the rain started. We were fed up by 4.30pm and left to come back to the villa.

We started off by doing all of the indoor attractions first in the hope that the weatherman was correct and the "showers would only last a couple of minutes"

We walked through the I Love Lucy exhibit - i wish they would run the TV series again, I know I'd watch them. Then we ran across the road to Terminator. We only had to wait a couple of minutes for the next showing. I think this is getting a bit tired and needs updating....Disney are way ahead on the 3D effects. Still, it would definately be finished raining when we got out 30 minutes later - wrong!

We quickly walked a few doors up to the Horror Make Up show. This is always good for a laugh. We sat at the back this time so we didn't get sprayed with even more water! Got a great/funny photo of DH with one of the actors.

Next we went over to watch the Blues Brothers as the rain had turned to a drizzle. We waited for 5 minutes and it was announced that the show would be delayed 5 mins for the weather. 5 mins later, it was cancelled as the rain was getting heavy again. Oh well, we'll get to see it this afternoon.

DH goes on the Simpsons while I wait in the shop. this ride is too exteme for me and my shall we say delicate tummy!

Next up, Fear Factor is about to start so we had over for this show just to get seated in time This show hasn't changed since it started but we hven't seen it the past couple of visits. I know it's kinda sick but my fave part is watching the members of the audience drink the 'chunky smoothie'

Next up is Men in Black. This ride takes me to my limit on the queezy tummy chart. DH loves the ride so I always go on with him and just close my eyes the few times the car spins. DH won this round by 20 points!

Blues Brothers are about to start again and we wander over just in case the show will go ahead but we know in our hearts that the rain will have it cancelled again - which it does.

Seeing as we are next to Finnegans and rather hungry, we decide to eat. We love the food here but, as usual the main course arrives as we are eating the starter which is a thing I hate.
The bread and apple butter is delicious and free of charge but it arrives after our starter of mini cornish pasties and beetroot which we share. While eating the pasties, our mains of Irish stew and chicken and leek pie arrive. We didn't even get our sodas until after the starters! So, the timing was all wrong but the food was delicious.

My fave thing at this park is up next - Beetlejuice. I could watch this show over and over - and it's under shelter so doesn't get cancelled for rain. We sit at the very first row in the middle and are soon clapping and singing along.

We decide to brave it and do Jaws in the rain. The skipper was actually really good and soon had everyone in the boat reacting to her script. DH was sat on the left so got a little wet. Or should I say wetter!

Earthquake next but when it came to the final scene where you get in the tram, we were at the very back and didn't see much at all.

We had a little wander though the shops which didn't take long at all here as there are very few. Nothing took our fancy apart from a piece of chocolate toffee fudge which we shared.

Shrek was next. I love the pre show just as much as the actual attraction here.

Yep, still raining so we wander through the arcade to waste a little time. DH tried to win an angry bird and failed.

We were getting pretty fed up with the weather today so we decided to leave. We looked through the shops at CityWalk on our way out and checked out what was on at the movies but nothing took our fancy. So, we decided to head back to the villa calling in at Publix for a snack for dinner.
We walked up and down every isle looking for something to jump out and say "eat me" but absolutely nothing tempted us. We ended up having cereal.

Well, we have packed a bag each as we are off to West Palm Beach for a few days tomorrow. I am typing this in bed, listening to the thunderstorm - oh, and rain, outside. Have set the alarm for 5.30 for an early start to the three and a half hour drive. Our first stop is WPB zoo.

Speak to you all again soon