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Thread: Pirate Makeover

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    Is this just for boys or can the girls become a pirate as well?

    I'm going with some friends and they have 2 kids who are Pirates of the Caribbean crazy - (I'm quite partial to Jack Sparrow myself )

    Anyhoo, I mentioned that I thought there was something at one of the parks that they could do and I've been pestered ever since The cheeky things have even said I can be their pirate mum - hence my name

    Any help would be great.

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    I put this in a different thread but it can go here also.

    You're referring to the Pirate's League. And yes, anyone can play!

    Tom (... yo ho ho and a bottle of your favorite adult beverage!)

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    As Tom has said, anyone can have a makeover, you'll see lots of people old and young wandering round as pirates.

    They have a mermaid makeover as well, it only started this year so I haven't seen anyone who has had it yet.

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