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Thread: Isafari live from Orlando - still West Palm Beach area - Butterfly World

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    Today we get dressed with heavy hearts. We're off to Butterfly World. The local weather man says to expect atleat 5 hours of rain today - at times very heavy. We're still waiting for that rain. The weather today was glorious.

    We have breakfast at the hotel and then decide to get going so we're at the park for opening. At leat we'll have a little time before the rain. Butterflies don't like the rain.

    We've been to Butterfly World once before about 3 years ago and I have the same reaction entering the park today as I did back then.
    It takes my breath away! Big butterflies, small butterflies, flashes of wonderful colours darting everywhere around me. It's the things fairytales are made of and I feel like I'm in a land of make believe. My eyes take in the beauty around me and I get goosebumps.

    The area is very ornate. Water features, flowers and greenery make for a stunning backdrop. There are also humming birds here which are so hard to capture on video or film.

    I really like one of the flowers here and ask a member of staff if he knows the name of it. He tells me and asks me to wait for him to return. A minute later he's back with a book full of the butterflies, birds, plants and flowers you can find at Butterfly World. He opens the book to the page 'my' flower is on and tells me to keep the book as a gift from him. He also promises not to let it rain today - he sure kept his word.

    Sometimes the butterflies land on you and one landed on my hand and stayed there long enough for a perfect photo opportunity. Walking along, I feel a soft crunch under my foot. Oh no!! I tenderley look down to see if I've killed one of these beautiful creatures and there it was - a dead leaf under my foot.

    After a couple of hours we go over to the bird section. To get in here you have to pass through a double door just in case a bird sneaks in or out with you. Now, inbetween the two doors is a section which has Banana spiders hanging from the grid above you. Some of you know my fear of spiders. I thought I'd be ok, quickly zip[ through and I wouldn't even notice. It was only about six feet distance wise. I didn't want to let DH down, I knew he was looking forward to the photos he could take here.
    How wrong could I be. It really freaked me out. I looked up and the spiders were directly above me. I totally panicked. Tears were flooding down my face and once out the second door, I had to have a few deep sobs to get it out of my system and begin to calm down. DH says you couldn't really see the tears (which were still rolling over my cheeks) because it was so hot, it just looked like sweat!!! I sure hope he gets good photos after this.
    The birds in here were wonderful but I couldn't relax thinking of having to go through the spiders again to leave. I ended up seeing a member of staff and leaving via the staff door, no way could I go through that again.
    Note to self: Ush a hair treatment tonight as a couple of the birds landed in my hair and tried to steal it for nesting it has got so stawlike with the heat.

    We stopped for a cool drink and a wander through the gift shop. This shop is wonderful. Not your usual tat! Gorgeous items of jewellery, ornaments, clothes, bags etc.

    We then go through the bug exhibit....I'm fine with anything else that crawls, just not spiders. A school group of around 6/7 year olds enter and we can't hear ourselves think so we make a hsaty exit.

    We do the butterfly section once more and can't believe it is 4.30pm already and we haven't had any rain. Anyway, we call it a day here and head to our next hotel where we shower and change before setting off to a place called Wellington Green Mall. This mall has two stories and we walk through everywhere. DH buys yet another top and I just don't see anything that catches my eye.

    We are so hungry by now as we haven't eaten since breakfast so we pop to Chiles which is right next to the mall. DH has nachos and a dip and I have filled potato skins for a starter then, we both have the fajitas....they were so scrummy!

    Tomorrow is Lion Country Safari.

    HERE IS THE VIDEO I MADE LAST VISIT TO BUTTERFLY WORLD....I will post the new photos etc when I get home.

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    Cant wait to see some of the photos from todays trip Diane!
    Bet you are soooo excited about seeing the big cats!

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    this would be my idea of hell i am terrified of butterflies and spiders we once went to a butterfly farm and i had a panic attack trying to get out
    glad your still enjoying your trip

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    Sounds like a you visited a fairy tale land. Can't wait to see the photos.

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