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Thread: Disney dining plan problems

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    Problems booking disney dining Plan

    I'm in need of some desperate advice on this huge problem I have.

    It is my wife and I's fifth trip to Orlando and we always stay in Disney properties, using Disney Dining Plan.

    This year we plan to visit in December and stay 5 nights in Coronado Resort & then move directly across town for 9 nights in in Wilderness Lodge.

    The problem I have is that when I book separate resorts online it will only allow me to have the Disney dining plan for the first 5 nights (my Coronado stay). There is no way of extending it for another 9 days for when we move to the wilderness lodge. This is because if you do this kind of split-resort visit you have to book it as two separate bookings online.

    This is also because you buy your 14 day park tickets with the first booking (as you want them to be there ready to use at Coronado springs) and then when I make my second reservation at Wildnerness lodge, I obviously don't need another 14 day ticket so therefore am unable to purchase Disney Dining for my Final 9 days, even though I am simply moving from one Disney property to another.

    I called today and the woman says this problem has happened before and there is nothing I could do, other than just stay in 1 resort (which I don't want to do). She was actually quite rude and very unhelpful and didn't seem to mind she would lose my business.

    I can not stay in 1 resort as we 1)can not afford 2 weeks in the wilderness Lodge, and 2) want to stay with family in Coronado springs for the first 5 nights before they head back to the UK.

    Can anyone advise on how to proceed with this so that we can have split Disney resorts, 14 day tickets & Disney dining plan for all 14 days ?? I'm so very stressed and disappointed with Disney for their lack of help.

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    Has anyone ever stayed in 2 Disney hotels during their 1 Disney stay and wanted Disney Dining Plan to cover the entire trip? Well it seems impossible to do.

    I'm travelling from the UK in December to Orlando for 14 nights and would like to split my stay with 7 nights at Coronado Springs and then 7 nights at Wilderness Lodge.

    The problem is when you book online this means you have to book the two hotels (even though you are just popping from one Disney hotel to another in the same stay) as 2 separate online bookings.

    So- if I book my 14 day park tickets with the first hotel booking (Coronado Springs) as we would like these ready for when we arrive, this also enables us to book Disney dining plan but only for 7 nights. When I make my second booking at wilderness lodge I obviously don't need anymore tickets as I have just bought a 14 day pass which will carry me through from my Coronado Springs stay. However this means I can not book Disney Dining for my 7 nights in Wilderness Lodge.

    I phoned Disney and they said they know about this problem and there is nothing I could do. She was actually very unhelpful and rude and simply suggested I save the hassle and stay in wilderness lodge for the full duration. Not only would this cost me a fortune, but I want to spend 7 nights with my extended family at Coronado Springs before they head back to the UK and my wife and I stay on at the wilderness lodge. She didn't seem to care at all.

    Anyone with any advice on this I would wry much appreciate it. I need to book very soon.

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    Unfortunately there is no way round this I'm afraid with the dining plan, you could always wait for special offer on rooms and not get the dining plan? It depends if you really want to eat in disney restaurants for 14 nights?

    Would your family like to book at another resort eg old key west or Saratoga springs? They have some good deals on with free dining

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    Re: Problems booking disney dining Plan

    Unfortunately that is the way the dining plan works. You actually have to purchase tickets at each resort at which you are staying. What you have to weigh is whether or not you are really saving money by being on the DP since you have to pay rack rate at the resorts. You may be better off looking at resort discounts and see if it would be cheaper to pay OOP for your meals. Are you actually planning on eating EVERY meal on site?

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    Re: Problems booking disney dining Plan

    Someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I believe you may only need to purchase 1 day park tickets per person to qualify for the free dining plan for your second stay.

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    Re: Problems booking disney dining Plan

    Tinkfan I think you are correct but because the original poster is splitting his stay be between 2 resorts he is going to have to purchase ticket 2 seperate times which will be costly(once for each check in). In order to save money the original poster may be better off just staying at one resort or like John said maybe he would be better off finding a resort only discount and paying for his meals out of pocket.

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    Re: Problems booking disney dining Plan

    Free dining requires you to now purchase a minimum of a 2 day base ticket. As long as you don't use any portion of the ticket, it won't expire and you could use it for a future trip. I have an annual pass and take advantage of free dining every year. I just save my 2 day ticket and use it towards my AP at a later date.

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    Re: Problems booking disney dining Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnie, post: 260632
    Free dining requires you to now purchase a minimum of a 2 day base ticket. As long as you don't use any portion of the ticket, it won't expire and you could use it for a future trip. I have an annual pass and take advantage of free dining every year. I just save my 2 day ticket and use it towards my AP at a later date.
    Johnie is correct in using this strategy. Now this is the US booking engine as the UK booking engine is different. The UK booking engine does not allow a ticket smaller than a 5 day pass. Ours allows smaller amounts as well as doing options such as park hopping and water park and fun option which the UK Ultimate ticket has automatically.

    Now according to the UK site a 5 day dining plus plan is $542 US (330) and this is based on two adults. Now a two day base ticket is $347 US for two adults. Since we have free dining plus plan booking it through a US agent you would be able to take advantage of the free dining you would be up $195 and have two 2 day tickets to use in the future. Or book two reservations with park passes on each and still be way ahead since the UK site is not offering free dining.

    I know you're probably saying "what the heck are you talking about" LOL. Agents like Johnie and myself do Disney 24/7/365. I've been booking Disney vacations for people for 17 years and this is what I do. If I can save someone a dollar or in this case a pound I did my job.

    If you like email me your dates and party size to and let me crunch the numbers for you.

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