So Friday you all know poor Liam was involved with a robbery. Well we went to bed Friday night and i knew one of my cats was missing but just thought she was out hunting. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. Woke up Saturday morning no sign of Tiggy. I did a walk around the block in the pouring rain, no sign of a cat. Saturday afternoon Liam did a walk round but knocked on doors in the road behind us.
Friday night a man had knocked at various doors saying he had knocked down a black and white cat. Liam came back and i started to call all the local vets. I had already called our vet who had not taken her in. Called a vet in Town and i asked had a cat been brought in from around where we live , He said yes. So after a complete description he said we have her. She has a broken pelvis and a few cuts. We went down Saturday night at 10pm and saw our little baby. She looked so sad but the Vet said she was very heavily drugged. Anyways we were given updates all yesterday and told she was using her litter tray and hopefully we can get her on Monday. She will have to have cage rest for 4-6 weeks.
Phone call this morning , Polish nurse says that she has to have an x-ray as she is not passing solids!!!. This could present a problem to recovery. They will call us between 4 and 5 tonight. I am sooooo worried now. AND we go on holiday next week.
So please pixie dust for my sweet Tiggy and prozac for me.