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Thread: lightning at Disney?

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    Ive just heard from a friend who's out there at the moment that if theres even thunder everything at Disneyworld shuts down? It's not really that bad is it?

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    The only time I think I have ever heard of a park closing is because of a hurricane.

    Thunder storms, lightning and rain are usual daily occurrence in WDW at this time of the year

    There were problems at Discovery Cove yesterday, you can read about it here

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    Lighting is quite pretty to watch!

    We got caught in down pour last year and we watched the lighting while waiting for the bus. It is amazing thing to watch.

    Poor people at Discovery cove :-(

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    We've been at the parks before and they have stopped the coasters from running because of the weather conditions - never closed the park though. Its a good job they dont close anything here cus of the weather, everything would always be shut!

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    Outside attractions do shut down because of the weather. However, I've never seen any of the indoor things shut.

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    A fairly obvious comment, but all of the resort pools are out of bounds whenever a lightning storm is on its way.

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