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Thread: credit/debit card chip&pin

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    Hi, when I used my debit card in orlando it came up on the machine saying credit card / chequeing account and things like that? Which do I use for a debit card? Do they use the pin numbers or signatures and what am I charged for using debit?

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    Does your debit card have a credit card logo on it, like Visa etc.? If so, you can use it as a credit card (with the amount spent coming immediately and directly from your account).

    If not, if the debit card is connected only to your bank, then the fees can vary greatly from place to place. Best to check with your bank. They may levy a fee, and then the POS will/may levy an additional one.

    So, best to have that logo then there are no fees and in many places you can get cash along with your purchases (Publix, Walgreen's, Walmart to name a few).

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