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Thread: What DVC resort would you recommend?

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    My family and I are going sometime next year, we don't know the exact time yet because were are lucky enough to be staying at a DVC resort courtesy of our friends who have expiring points.

    I have had a look at the Disney Website, but I always think recommendations are better.

    There will be me and my husband and our 3 year old.

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    If you like quiet and relaxing atmosphere then stay at Old Key West. You are close to DTD and a short ride to Epcot and DHS.

    If you want to be in the middle of it all then I would stay at Boardwalk or Beach Club. You can walk or boat to either Epcot or DHS. If you have a park hopper you could even cut through Epcot to take the monorail over to MK. The only park you would have to drive to would be AK. You also have the most food choices here.

    We have stayed both OKW and BWV and both are extremely nice. OKW rooms have been recently renovated.

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    It all depends upon your preference. We've stayed at each DVC on property.

    OKW is our home resort, and for many reasons our all time favorite. The villas are the largest, the grounds are beautiful, and we love to walk... it's a nice stroll to DTD along a waterway, or a ferry ride, with buses everywhere else.

    Kidani Village is great! The animals make for wonderful views right outside your windows, depending upon the setting you chose.

    Wilderness Lodge is the Pacific Northwest a la Disney. The pool is great, and the view of the MK is wonderful.

    Bay Lake Towers is almost stark in its modernness, but we enjoyed it for its proximity to MK for that first weekend in June.

    Beach Club is great for its proximity to EPCOT. We like to stay there for FWF.

    SSR is nice, large like OKW, but different. Its very close to DTD and makes for a nice short walk over.

    BWV is our least favorite DVC overall. Location has nothing over the Beach Club and then there is the matter of that scary clown pool. The staff there have been the least pleasant overall (bordering on rude at times) and pull stunts that are beyond annoying (like calling, calling, calling the morning of check out to see if you've left yet). Granted they pretty much put a stop to that, but it still captures the essence of the attitude at BWV.

    Oh, nearly forgot! Tree House Villas! We've not yet stayed there, but are really hoping to do so. Sleeps 9 so we'll need some extra relatives or something.

    All depends upon what you prefer. Location doesn't really matter to us. We simply like the variety offered by the many DVCs.

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