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Thread: What is the Disney Transfer

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    As we are staying at a Disney resort, can we use the Disney transfer from the airport. I'm not sure what it is, but it would be very convenient.

    How much would it be to use it and is it available from all airports.

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    It's called Disney's Magical Express and as long as you're flying into Orlando and staying at a Disney Resort on property, it's a nice arrangement. We've got information on it here on the Secrets site or here's the link to the information on Disney's site.

    Basically you reserve it in advance, fly into Orlando, go get on the bus that takes you to your resort and your luggage shows up at your room a little later.

    Makes me almost wish I flew down there instead of driving.

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    One word of caution though. It is only good from MCO not SFB (Sanford)

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    We love magical express as we get to watch some videos to highlight what at the park and it is truly magical!

    We have done it twice and whenever we go to Orlando international we always ensure that we use Disney magical express.

    We actually prefer the ride to the hotel rather than back to the airportnas the characters pop up on the screen to say good byes

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