This report will be short since today was a relatively quiet day. We headed to Animal Kingdom around 11am and grabbed fastpasses for Kali Rapids and then headed to the Dinosaur ride and played a few carnival games. After that we grabbed burgers at the burger place in Dinoland. After that we headed to the Safari but it was shut down for mechanical purposes... I told the kids it was closed because a Lion escaped....they didn't buy it. We headed back to Kali and the wife and daughter got soaked.. After that my son went on Expedition Everest. We then went and grabbed fastpasses for the safari and took the train to Rafikis Planet watch. I really like it there. There was a woman holding a hawk and giving a presentation, the hawk kept staring at me so I decided to walk away.....gotta know when to choose your battles.As we were on the train back you could see a storm was brewing. As we were waiting for our fastpasses to be good the skies opened up and thunder lightning was putting quite a show. I thought for sure that they wouldn't let us on the ride but we got on and the animals were all over the place. The rhinoceros was so close to us that I could have reached out and touched him....of course I didn't. If I can't win a staring contest with a hawk I'm sure not gonna poke a rhino. Anyway after that we headed back to the hotel and took naps. The rain never stopped. Dinner was in the food court and the kids hit the arcade and now we are back in the room watching tv... BTW the hotel room tv is a flat screen. The values are moving up in the world.