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Thread: Cell phone contract or pay as you go

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    My contract is up for renewal soon and I dont know whether to stay with orange or go to one of the others or just get pay as you go?????

    anyone got or seen any good plans? thanks!

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    I'd always go pay as you go, you only spend as much as you need, and you can top-up almost anywhere now-a-days. Plus you aren't tied into a big contract- you aren't nagged every 5 mins to upgrade to so many texts for X amount.

    Besides, with 02, or Orange, you can get tons of free texts/cheap calls when you top up anyway. You can always go out and get a new contract if the payG thing doesn't work, but you can't just quit your contract and get a payG phone...
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    yeah agree with Josh. If you CAN do pay as you go, do it, there are some good deals to be had and you're not stuck with a contract for ages. Orange seem to have a good pay as you go range and the coverage is great nowadays
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    i really think it depends on how much and what you use it for, if you use it for loads of texts, and calls etc then id go for contract it works out cheaper ime

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    02 has a good contract deal for august- 600 free minutes and unlimited texts for 20. I think prices for things like that will only come down for a while. My contract runs out in a month so i will be looking around. I like a contract because i would always be running out of credit.

    i got my last contract with mobiles 2 your door on a 100% cash back deal so i have had free minutes and texts for a year. I'm thinking of doing it again, goin g through quidco and selling hte phone on ebay - i should make quite a bit of money for that.

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    Looks like you've already decided what to do. Now all you have to do is find the right--or best--offer!

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