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Hi John,
Trying my best. Actually just looking out at the storm surge in backyard. About a foot higher than Isobel a few years back. We are in much better shape..knock wood. Have as yet to loose power. Most around here can't say that. 800,000 in VA without it.

Last storm lost power for 10 days. I was blowin pretty good today, steadily, some really strong gusts, but think the worst is over now. Wind still blowing and we are still getting some heavy rain, but eye has just moved north of us of VA beach.

Feel really lucky, I was fearing the worst initially.


Glad yo hear you are safe and with power! Richmond seems to have gotten the worst when it comes to losing power. Dept. of Emergency Management just announced that if you are without power now then you may be out for almost 2 weeks. I have been very lucky and we haven't lost power at all.