Just back from DLRP and there have been some changes to the Guest Assistance system.

There are now two forms, one green and one blue. They are called Easy Access Cards and are available from City Hall in Disneyland Park or Guest Services at the Studios. You no longer need one for each park which was a sensible idea. Proof of disability is required so please take something with you. We had blue badge and GP letter.

We were given a blue card as we honestly answered 'no' to the million dollar question 'could DS walk unaided for 10 minutes?'

The reverse of the cards are different and tell you and CM what rides you are able to access. To our annoyance this meant we could not do Peter Pan and the new Crush Coaster.

We got chatting to a family from Belgium whose DD was totally wheelchair bound and had the green card which meant she could access these rides even though she had to be carried onto them where DS could walk from his wheelchair easily. The parents said they had seen lots of severely disabled children on Peter Pan so I was annoyed to say the least. They said people just lie to the question

We went back to City Hall to enquire but they were adamant and would not let us change passes . DS loves Peter Pan and we had to keep telling him it was closed.