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Thread: Walt Disney World looking to crack down on FASTPASS return policy

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    One of the greatest innovations (Innoventions?) that Disney has installed in its parks is that of the FASTPASS system for attractions and shows. It is a great way for guests to make the most of their time at the parks without having to worry about standing in each and every line. Now though, Walt Disney World may soon start making changes which could alter everyone's routine just a little.

    Word is out that Disney World could soon start testing changes to the FASTPASS system which will restrict the lax limitations put on the tickets.

    For those that don't know, FASTPASS gives guests a ticket with an hour-window of time later in the day to return and bypass the standby line. As has been common practice for a long time, guests could actually return at any time after their hour-time began and the park closed without having to worry about coming back before the hour was up.

    That is what seemingly will change as Disney World may soon start enforcing the time-return hour window and have started doing so at random attractions within the past couple weeks. It is being said that "late returns" are being honored for the time being, but cast members are not advising that guests can return outside their hour window.

    At the time being, this is merely a test phase so no word on how well it will work or if it will actually stick around.

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    My sister, my aunt, cousin and me were waiting near Splash Mountain for our fastpass time to come around, we had one minute left when we arrived and the woman denied us entry. I mean, REALLY?
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    I dont know about this policy working. On our last trip several rides had broken down and we had to come back after our passes had expired. Are they going to tell customers that they cant get on the ride even though it isnt their fault that they are late?

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    I would think there would have to be some leniency built in if the ride were to close down for any reason and then reopen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 263383
    I would think there would have to be some leniency built in if the ride were to close down for any reason and then reopen.
    definitely in that case. Until recently i have always thought that you could return in the allotted time.....

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