Loved OKW. We had read such mixed reviews about OKW,that I was getting quite worried about it all. Well let me say all doubts totally unfounded. Relaxed, laid back and no stress. It is spread out and we were fortunate enough to be close by in building 27. But the atmosphere is just so relaxed. People seem like their on holiday, no rushing around . But laying around the pool having lunch and reading.
Let me say as well that the staff are so helpful. Lily's "teddy" from being tiny (it's really a beanie baby ghost!) called Bubby got mixed up in the sheets by mousekeeping and went AWOL around the laundry rooms of WDW. But the staff could not have been more helpful and sympathetic to the situation. Full descriptions were emailed to all sites and we were called every day. Bubby appeared alot cleaner than he left 3 days later. Lily was more concerned he didn't smell right, I personally feel he had his own lost weekend

I also think that this will be our last Park holiday. We hardly spent anytime in the actual parks. We did alot of Disney but not the parks. Does that sound mad. And I don't think I could do August again. It was soooooooooo hot. I kept thinking about Tink and Josh. Tink who lives it year in and year out but Josh who had to come into it and work. We have been in August before a couple of times but I prefer October time, which we have done as well.

Best moment and there's been loads

Sitting in La Hacienda at Epcot watching the fireworks whilst eating a delicious meal.