Please, for Sharon, Sarah, Martin and the boys, make your days count.

You know Sharon has fought against this long and hard and has, in the words of
her Macmillan Nurse and Oncologist, done amazingly well from their medical point of view.

Remember back to last October when we didn't know how long she would be with us....we had a beautiful Christmas, a fantastic girls trip to that gorgeous house in Somerset, Sharon and Martin have had some wonderful weekends away and a trip to Spain, we've spent fun evenings in their garden and have some fantastic memories. We have spent the past couple of months planning her 50th birthday party on 25th September.

For those who know, Mark came home for a short while to see her yesterday, and Sarahs 2nd anniversary is on 7th.

Sharon will be collected and taken to our beautiful newly built local hospice shortly. Please will you keep my amazing, beautiful and very precious sister and her family in your thoughts, hopefully for the next few days at least.