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Thread: weather in november or december?

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    How cool is it in these months and how busy are the parks? I'd love to see the decorations but I like my sun bathing too

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    it can be very variable, i have worn shorts and tshirt all day and evening to fleeces and trousers and still not been warm enough to sit and watch the parade. The tip is layers as it can warm up in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneymom, post: 25690
    How cool is it in these months and how busy are the parks? I'd love to see the decorations but I like my sun bathing too
    The first time we went in early December and it was hot but the next time we went it was cool. It will be warmer than it is in England. :p015:

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    It's usually pretty pleasant that time of year. This past Nov was HOT though. I was pretty shocked.

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    Expect the parks to be pretty busy the week leading to Thanksgiving and very busy Thanksgiving weekend. Since the weekend encompasses Thursday and Friday, many people take off the entire week and visit somewhere--which can be WDW!

    I've only visited in December, and the weather can be variable. I'm usually there sometime between the first of the month through about the 20th (value season at WDW resorts)--not for that entire time, just the general period!

    In 2003--Dawn was there at the same time--the weather was mostly nice, but I froze one night. She thought it was mild! Had one gloomy day, but the others were sunny and comfortable.

    In 2004, the weather was nice during the day but a bit nippy at night. Not nearly as cold as that night in 2003, but Dorothy had to buy a sweatshirt on Main Street before heading out to the parking trams. The air temperature was a bit nippy. Really, though, I think that was just an excuse for a new sweatshirt!

    Last year (2007), we were at WDW December 7 - 17. The weather through the 14th was sunny and very warm. Even the evenings were warm--didn't need long sleeves except in air conditioned buildings! Temps in the mid to high 80s during the day, and probably didn't dip much below 70 at night. People were swimming well after midnight!

    However, on the 14th, the jetstream began to shift south and temperatures gradually cooled off. By the night of the 15th, we were wearing coats and gloves. When we left WDW for home on the 17th, the temperature at 1:00 p.m. was 35 degrees!

    So pack shorts, tanks, a swimsuit or two, and anything you can layer to adjust for the variable temperature!

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